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    Ernie Ball Extra Slinky offers more flexibility for players than a standard bass set, while still maintaining the distinctive combination of tone and feel found in all Slinky bass sets.


    Made from nickel plated steel winding wrapped around tin plated, hex shaped steel core wire, Slinky strings deliver an elegant, pliable feeling string while producing a balanced, all round great sound, no matter your playing style.


    Introduced in 1962, Ernie Ball Slinky forever shaped the sound of rock and roll. And in keeping with his legacy, today each string is made with the highest standards and specifications to ensure you get the same consistency, performance and long life that helped world class bass players like Dave La Rue, Paul McCartney, John Myung just to name a few, create and shape their sound.


    You can't go wrong when you string up with Ernie Ball strings!

    Ernie Ball Electric Bass Strings 40-95 Extra Slinky

    SKU: 2835
    • Instrument 4 String Bass
      Gauge Range 40-95
      String Gauge 40, 60, 75, 95
      Scale Length Long Scale (Standard)
      Wind Type Round Wound
      Core Type Steel Hex Core
      Wind Material Nickel Plated Steel
      Coated Non-Coated



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